A Forgetten Voice

March 19, 2017

A Lone Voice - Part 3
Pastors Troy & Steph Gramling


In Biblical times, we are told that some people actually sacrificed their children to foreign, pagan gods, in exchange for hopes of blessings of prosperity in their lives. God is the Creator of life, so what does He have to say about how we should value human life? All the way from the womb to the tomb, what does God have to say about the value of human life? Pastors Troy and Stephanie Gramling guide us through the controversial, yet relevant and detrimental, topic of abortion, the value of life, and what God has to say about being a voice for the voiceless.

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Questions in Babylon

March 12, 2017


A Lone Voice - Week 2
Pastors Troy Gramling & Brian Vasil

No one enjoys waiting--whether it be for food at a restaurant, in a long line in the check-out line, for that special someone to show up in their life, for that promotion at your job. Sometimes God tells us to wait in life, but how do we do this? What do we do while we wait? How do we know God is going to pull through for us? Pastors Troy Gramling and Brian Vasil team up to tackle the tough issue of waiting, and God's plan of hope in our lives through the wait!

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The Anatomy Of Purpose

March 5, 2017

A Lone Voice
Week 1


The scriptures tell us that God has created each one of us, individually, with a purpose in this life. He knows each of us, our strengths and weaknesses, and He instilled a dream and destiny in each of our lives. The great news is that God has equipped each of us with what we need to accomplish this purpose. Pastor Troy Gramling takes us on a journey through the spiritual maturation process, and how we can mature into our dream and live out the destiny for which we were created!

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Dr. Dave Martin

February 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you could make today, and everyday, matter? The renowned success coach, Dr. Dave Martin, gives us an inside look at how you and I can make today great, live an intentional life, and ultimately, make today count!

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New Year Mysteries 5

February 19, 2017

God created us to live full lives, pursuing and achieving our biggest passions and dreams. Life can overwhelm us and make us vulnerable and open to doubt, and we often allow the enemy to sneak in and kidnap our desire to live passionate lives. Join Pastor Troy Gramling as we explore the enemy’s tactics in the kidnapping of our desire, and how we can break free from his grasp so that we can live out the great purpose for which each of us were created!

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New Year Mysteries 4

February 12, 2017

We want success in life, we want the promotion in our jobs and families, but what we often don’t realize is that success is a process. God expects us to be responsible with what He has already given us in our lives and where we are at, before He will entrust us with more. The enemy—the thief—wants to sneak into your life and steal the promotion that God has set before you so that you can reach your God-given potential. Pastor Troy Gramling lays out the diversions that the enemy uses to try to keep us from being who God created us to be. Lock your door to the devil so that you can be all that God created you to be!

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New Year Mysteries 3

February 5, 2017

Money holds an important place in society. It can be the driving factor in our lives, we can be obsessed with it, and our lives are greatly impacted when we either don’t have enough or we have a great abundance of money. Money can, essentially, hold our lives hostage. The scriptures say that no matter how much you have, it will never seem to be enough. Pastor Troy gives insight into a healthy way to view money, and how looking at money the way that God commands us to will set us free from our bondage to money!

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New Year Mysteries 2

January 29, 2017

Success can be very seductive. We all desire to be successful in our marriages, in our businesses, families, and in many different areas of our lives. How do you take the success that you are presently experiencing, continue to succeed, and finish well in life? God promises us success in life, and He desires that we might have an abundant life, overflowing with blessings. Pastor Troy Gramling shares with us the mystery of success, and how you can finish well in life.

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New Year Mysteries 1

January 22, 2017

Who killed the romance? Many marriages today are the victim of homicide, the result of romance being targeted by the enemy. How can we safeguard our marriages against assaults from the enemy? Pastor Troy Gramling takes a good, hard look at the suspects and evidence to the destruction of marriage, and how we can protect our marriages from the devil.

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They Changed The World 3

January 22, 2017

So often, life can get hectic, and the world around us can make us feel anxious and weighed down. True peace lives deep within our souls, is given to us by God, and is unshaken by our outer circumstances. Pastor Tyler Gramling shares God’s promise of His true peace in our lives, no matter what circumstances we may be going through or what is going on around us!

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