Written In Ink

April 23, 2017
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Easter 2017

April 16, 2017
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Good Friday 2017

April 13, 2017

In Christianity, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the crucifixion of Jesus. What is it about Christ’s death on the cross that is so important? Humans are sinful beings, we continually sin —whether intentionally or unintentionally. Sin separates us from God—but the good news is that God has made a way to bridge the gap between His perfection, and our sinful nature. Pastor Troy Gramling shares a special Good Friday message about sin, death, and the redemption that the death of Jesus offers each one of us.

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The Art Of Backsliding

April 9, 2017

A Lone Voice - Week 6
Pastor Tyler Gramling

From the time we are very young, humans struggle with the tendency towards disobedience. You want dessert before dinner, and your parents firmly tell you"no", and you find yourself reaching for the cookie anyway. God teaches us in His word that we are to obey Him even when we don't feel like it, or when we may not understand why He wants us to obey. So we find ourselves backsliding in our faith, living life the way we want to, and not in God's plan. Pastor Tyler Gramling shares a message about the art of backsliding, and how we can safeguard ourselves against pulling away from God so that we can position ourselves for blessing!

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When You Get Blindsided

April 2, 2017

A Lone Voice
Week 4

What do you do when life gets hard? We all react to hard situations in our own ways, whether it be through actions, reactions, or shutting down completely. Pastor Troy Gramling leads us through a study of how to do life when life throws you a curveball and it sometimes seems impossible to go on. We can learn from the hard stuff and rise above our difficulties!

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Why I Can’t Give up

April 2, 2017

A Lone Voice - Week 4
March 26, 2017

Life can be discouraging at times, and at one point or another, nearly all of us have felt like giving up. You may feel like you’ve given everything that you have, and yet it never seems to be enough. The Bible compares the Christian life to running a relay race—God calls us to run with endurance, even when things seem impossible. Pastor Troy Gramling shares a message of encouragement in how to run with endurance, even when we feel like giving up, in this great race called “life”.

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A Forgetten Voice

March 19, 2017

A Lone Voice - Part 3
Pastors Troy & Steph Gramling


In Biblical times, we are told that some people actually sacrificed their children to foreign, pagan gods, in exchange for hopes of blessings of prosperity in their lives. God is the Creator of life, so what does He have to say about how we should value human life? All the way from the womb to the tomb, what does God have to say about the value of human life? Pastors Troy and Stephanie Gramling guide us through the controversial, yet relevant and detrimental, topic of abortion, the value of life, and what God has to say about being a voice for the voiceless.

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Questions in Babylon

March 12, 2017


A Lone Voice - Week 2
Pastors Troy Gramling & Brian Vasil

No one enjoys waiting--whether it be for food at a restaurant, in a long line in the check-out line, for that special someone to show up in their life, for that promotion at your job. Sometimes God tells us to wait in life, but how do we do this? What do we do while we wait? How do we know God is going to pull through for us? Pastors Troy Gramling and Brian Vasil team up to tackle the tough issue of waiting, and God's plan of hope in our lives through the wait!

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The Anatomy Of Purpose

March 5, 2017

A Lone Voice
Week 1


The scriptures tell us that God has created each one of us, individually, with a purpose in this life. He knows each of us, our strengths and weaknesses, and He instilled a dream and destiny in each of our lives. The great news is that God has equipped each of us with what we need to accomplish this purpose. Pastor Troy Gramling takes us on a journey through the spiritual maturation process, and how we can mature into our dream and live out the destiny for which we were created!

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Dr. Dave Martin

February 26, 2017

Have you ever wondered how you could make today, and everyday, matter? The renowned success coach, Dr. Dave Martin, gives us an inside look at how you and I can make today great, live an intentional life, and ultimately, make today count!

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